Moving day is coming!

15 12 2012

The world’s gonna end on December 21st? HA! You wish. i just left an security deposit for a new flat AND haven’t gotten back the money i paid for this one. So December 21st will be moving day for me. And right now, it’s more like ‘I’m never gonna get all this stuff packed by friday’.
Ok ok, i admit i would me so much more effective if i wouldn’t stop working every 5 minutes to check twitter, facebook or even write a new blog after what feels like an eternity. I really, really, really have to do some… oh look, a fluff.
have. to. work.

Hope everyone out there is doing great and is counting days down to christmas. i would if i had the time…. good thing about all this: i’ll be back home right in time for christmas and won’t have to go away afterwards.

that’s basically it. just wanted to have a little break… have a great weekend everyone. And in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, good night, merry christmas and a very happy new year!


Low-Profile! Do you understand the meaning of the words low profile?

12 07 2012

Yes, i do. However, my workmates and the postman don’t….. but from the beginning:

On Tuesday was my Birthday (well-wishes welcome – even if it’s late 😉 ) and i got some amazon-vouchers. so i ordered a few DVDs right away. Included in this order was “From Dusk till Dawn” – a movie i personally think is a classic and every household has to have a copy. So i got mine. In Germany, this movie is FSK18 (like R18 or NC-17). So first i had to tick a box at amazon to proove that i’m over 18 and that only i’ll be allowed to sign for the delivery. So i gave my company as delivery adress as i’m there all day. i also agreed (had to agree….) that the dvd will be sent in a seperate delivery – for which i had to pay extra charge of course. So far, so good – i wanted this movie!!! But all the fuss made me smile a little so i told my workmate about all of this.
Today it arrived, a day earlier as promised. I love getting mail and so i jumped to the door and let the Postman in. He wanted to see my ID Card and i gave it to him. This man often delivers stuff to my company so i know the guy: he’s nice but a foreigner and isn’t speaking very well so far. So we always have a little trouble understanding each other (and no, it’s not because of my accent!!!!). He had to type my ID Card Number into his little computer before i would be able to sign for it. so i waited. and waited. and waited. because this little thing refused to work in the first place and never accepted my ID Card. After the 7th try or something, the guy begun to say something about it ain’t working and coming back tomorrow. WHAT???? There he stands, with my DVD, telling me that he wants to take it away again and coming back tomorrow? OOOOOOH NO – you wish!!! i kind of blocked the door, refusing to let him go with my stuff. so he agreed to try it again and after 5 more minutes he got it right and i was able to sign for my package eventually and could let him go. my workmate – who is sitting right next to me and was listening all the time – almost fell off her chair laughing. And while laughing, she sang-shouted something like “she’s getting her adult-dvds! she’s getting her adult-dvds!”. and when you think now “that sounds like she has ordered some porn” – i’m pretty sure my boss and other colleagues now think the same. -.-
But to be honest: Sticks and Stones. i’m happy. and i can’t wait for tomorrow evening, when i’ll sit on my sofa in my jumpers, eating birthdaycake leftovers and watching George Clooney breaking the ‘Titty Twister’ into pieces. 😎

Green is the new blue

7 06 2012

Sometimes, I really wonder about myself and if I’m either crazy or brilliant.

Everyone who knows me, knows as well that i don’t carry original CDs in my car. I’m way too scared to loose or break them (especially because i have some really rare or signed ones). So I usually make a copy of them and put the copy in my car while the original one stays at home with it’s friends in my living room.
For all these copies in my car, I have little plastic cases in different colours. There is white, orange, purple, green, blue, and so on. i think you get it. 😉 For every cd I know exactly which colour the case must have. I don’t know where it comes from, but I can even find a CD I’m searching for by at first just looking at the colour of the cases. So two days ago, I decided I need new music in my car and got my original one out of the shelf and while it burned, I searched for a blue case because… well, it was a blue CD. But i couldn’t find any because I ran out of them. Damn! What to do now? I will be confused forever when I put it in a colour it doesn’t belong to – I’ll search that thing forever! (I have a LOOOOOOT of music in my car) What to do? What to do? And then it hit me! There it was – the answer right in front of me. I took a green case and a permanent marker and wrote ‘BLUE’ right across on the case. Now I have my blue CD case and I’m happy – and so is my CD. 😀

Do you now wonder as well? 😉
And does anyone else out there feel the same? My friends always give me that strange look when they act the DJ while driving with me and I insist on CDs going back to their original cases. Well, they don’t do anymore because they’re used to it now and do it out of habit. But when they got to know me at first, they did. (I don’t blame them, I maybe would’ve done the same….)

Shine on

29 02 2012

On my way home from work today I saw something (or better: someone) I really want to share with you. Before i can tell you, you have to know that this day today was long and exhausting and i was really glad to be on my way home.
Of course i got stuck in traffic as it’s almost usual. Knackered anyway and not in the best mood at all I waited for the stoplight to turn green and the other cars to move inch by inch. Then suddenly something catched my eye. I don’t even know why I was looking at my rear view mirror but i did. And in the car right behind me there was a guy. Can’ t neither tell how old he is (maybe early 30ies) nor would i recognise him on the streets again. Obviously he was talking to someone on the phone (otherwise he had a REALLY good chat with himself) and he was just… so… WOW. He was laughing a lot and shaking his head doing it, waving with his hands and laughing again. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop looking at him. His charisma drew me into his spell immediately and my mood turned from quite bad to very good within a second.
This was 2 hours ago and I still think of this guy. I believe it’s because that’s how I want to look like for others. Maybe i do and just can’t see it from my point of view. But that’s not the point. I want to know for myself that i look like this.
But if you – dear driver of this black car – read this: stay the way you are! you’re amazing!

Surrounded by the Sounds

25 10 2011

Hey there!

Look who’s back from her 2 Weeks trip to the most beautiful and best city on this planet – LONDON! It’s me! Hope you missed me all?! (I won’t hear a single “no”! 😉 ).

I had the time of my life over there. I spend the first Weekend (Sat & Sun) with a very dear friend from Berlin whom i meet almost only in London. We had a real blast by walking around Covent Garden and having Fish & Chips at a Pub. On Sat eve we went to see “Shrek – The Musical” at the Royal Dury Lane Theatre. I listen to the Original Broadway Cast Recording a lot and so i looked forward to this show. Sadly, i’m a little dissapointed now. The actress who played the part of Princess Fiona was not very good at all and so was most of the Cast. Except from Delroy Atkinson who was on for Donkey this evening. I as well liked the accent of Shrek and he was a good singer as well. But all in once this show isn’t as much fun as i expected it to be. And in addition: They cut 2 of my fav Songs out. Conclusion: Once is enough!
We spent the Sunday by doing a lot of shopping on Oxford Street (got a new hat from Accessorize and a “new” Josh Groban CD) and sitting at Embankment, watching the river. Sunday evening we had tickets for “Soho Cinders in Concert” i was like a child when we entered the Theatre. Oh how long have i been waiting to hear this tunes live and myself? And this time there wasn’t any dissapointment! The show was GREAT! So funny (not sad as i expected it to be) and the Cast was great! I loved every second. And in the end we got a little bit of music extra as they had to do 3 songs again. The show was recorded for a live-CD and we laught so loud, that the sounddesk couldn’t use these bits. so they did it again. First thing i did when i arrived home was pre-ordering the CD from Dress Circle. Is it Nov 21st already?????????

On Monday i started with my classes at Victoria School of english. It’s by far too much to tell you about every single day. But i met a bunch of very lovely girls (mainly italian) with whom i spent most of my time during this two weeks. Every Day after school we went for a coffee or something sweet, had a chat and then we split. It was great fun every day, even when we had not a funny topic at all. And in addition: A good practise at all. 🙂 On Sunday we took the boat to Greenwich, had a lovely lunch at the local pub (including a massive shared pudding plate with 3 kinds of cake and 2 scoops of icecream! *mjam*) and took loads of pictures from the stunning few you have from Greenwich Park! On our last evening together we went to a Pub in Knightsbridge where we enjoyed Steak & Ale Pie and a beer or coke and had a funny chat (or so…) with a group of (very drunk) friends from schottland/england/australia. well, i don’t know if it was us or them, but we (the girls) had a very hard time understanding them… But fun at all. 😀
I took like 1.000 pictures during this 2 weeks and i love every single one of them. But i won’t pave my blog with them. you can see them on facebook (when we’re friends….)

During this 2 Weeks i did (of course) a lot of shows. If you want a recommendation (and you get it anyway…), go and see “Ghost – The Musical“. It’s a brilliant piece of musicaltheatre and the cast is superb! The music is magic (so is the show itself – and i mean it!!) and the way they set up the show on stage is stunning. as you can see – i’m in love! So i went there 3 times. (and i’m not ashamed of saying it out loud!)
What i highly recommend as well is “Third Floor” at Trafalgar Studio 2. Sadly, they have to do the last show on Nov 5th 2011 – so if you want to see it (and you really should!), do it quick! And if you’re a person who feels anxious by walking alone in the dark, don’t go alone. But again – go!
I saw as well “Rock of Ages“, which is funny but nothing more. The music is randomly cut together and there’s no story at all. The jokes are kind of rude, always silly and poor. But i must admit, i laughed a lot. Simon Lipkin as Lonny is hilarious! The remaining cast tries everything to make the best out of it. (and it’s not up to them that the show’s the way it is…)
i saw a few other shows as well but to write about everyone is too much. there’re other – more important things – to write about. for example my new CDs. In total i bought 5 CDs during this vacation. 2 of them on their way to me because they’re due to release in november. one of them is “Soho Cinders” as i told you up there, the other one is “Acoustic Overtures” by Dougal Irvine. And if you pre-order the second one by Nov 1st you get an extra song as a reward. and only this bonus track is worth the purchase! But the most important CD i bought is by far

“Surrounded by the Sounds” by Tim Prottey-Jones
This CD is epic. i cannot stop listen to it! last night i lay in my bed till 2am, listening to the CD, not able to press the power-off button on my CD player. thank god i haven’t had to go to work today. Have to figure something out for tonight as i have to go tomorrow….
I went to the Dress Circle on Oct 8th because there was an in-store performance of Tim and 5 other singers and a signing as well. and as i love his first CD (“More with every line“) there was no question about buying the new CD or not. i don’t regret it.
The live performance was great (especially when the twitter choir started to sing right behind me! *shiver*) and i met an acquainted girl i know from last year. was good to see her again! we had a nice chat afterwards for about 30 mins outside the dress circle and met again an evening later at soho cinders. i love london! 😀
Fav songs on this album so far are “Colour me” (by far the BEST one!), “Closer to home” and “Tame your Heart“. but to be honest, it’s difficult to pic “best” songs as they’re all brilliant! And… well… how often do you have a CD on which you like every track? it’s not common!

ok, but enough now. i could tell you so much more about this two weeks and the great tunes i heard (on stage or on CD) but i won’t bore you all any longer. i’ll go back to my sofa and listen to this masterpiece once more. (yeah, i know. it’s horrible when i fell in love with a piece of music, i can’t stop talking about it…. sorry for that!)

have a great tuesday out there!


On my own (First week)

3 10 2011

AAARRRGGHHH!!! I want to blog! I really want to! i want to tell you everything about Sophie’s farewell-party and the whole Weekend. i want to tell you about this bloody amazing concert i went to last friday. and i want to tell you every uninteressting little thing from my life. but i don’t know where to start. it’s my 3rd day trying. and i have absolutely no idea what i should write. ok, wrong. i know WHAT i want to write. i just don’t know HOW to write it. and the sad thing about this is: now that sophie’s away, i kind of have to write all this down because that’s why i started this whole thing in the first place. irony of fate. i hate it! ^^

*half an hour later*

ok, fu** you. i surrender! Mental block!

The farewell-party was great fun! almost all of Sophie’s VIPs where there, we (Sophie….) drunk a lot and we pissed ourself laughing! And “the Family” was reunited.

The Concert i went to on friday was fu**ing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Josh Grobans voice made me shiver all the time. can’t wait to see him in London again.

Best thing (beside the music of course!) were the stories he told during the concert. It’s good to know, that he can say two things in german: “Guten Tag” (german welcome-phrase) and “Apfelsaft” (Apple juice)

Ok, so that’s it. not able to write more at the moment. But wanted to share the two pics with you….
If you live in Germany: Have a great bank holiday! if you don’t: have a great day as well!

See you all soon (and with a better story then, i hope!)

It’s astounding, time is fleeting

12 09 2011

Once upon a time, on the September 12th 3 years ago (or in short: this very day 2008) my life begun to change. It started as a quite normal day. it was a friday, i went to work, did what i always do. at 2pm i called it a day and begun my drive to stuttgart, which was also normal these days. i already was an addict to WICKED (the musical) and i used to see it every second week – or more often when i was able to afford it. But this time, everything should be different. i went there for a purpose, as it was the last show of Mark Seibert (the Fiyero – if the story is familiar to you). And as a fan, you have to be there. So i sat there, reading a book and waiting for the show to begin when two girl came my way and started talking to me. we liked each other from the first second and so we did not just watch the show together and went stagedooring afterwards but met regularly from this on, wrote emails and phoned each other. i become friends with a lot of other people from this day on – but this was the beginning. Over the following month i grew closer and closer to one of these mysterious girls and she became one of the most important persons in my life. this girl is Sophie (and if you read my blog carefully, you’ll be acquainted to this name!).
Sadly, she’s away in Frankfurt today to get her visa for her year at the states, so we cannot celebrate this day like we did the last two years. but we’ll tomorrow – by going to the cinema (watching “the 3 musketeers”) and afterwards having a beer (or cocktail…) at the irish pub (which will propably become our new “local pub” after our last one had to close (well kind of)).

Long story short: I’m more than happy that this day happened. that i decided to drive to stuttgart that day and see this show. i think about it a lot what my life may look like if i hadn’t. I’m sure i won’t live in stuttgart by now. sure, other people would’ve crossed my way and by now there’d be other good friends. but i’m pretty happy with all the stuff that happend and i won’t change a thing for the world. so i’d like to say thank you to all involved – no matter how much they had to do with all of that. and of course a big, big, big hug ‘n kiss to sophie. i’m so blissed that you’re in my life. i appreciate everthing you do for me, every day we spend together and every phonecall or textmessage we do. i love having you in my life, and i hope (belive!) it’ll stay this way for a very very VERY long time. no distance can or will change anything between us. we managed bavaria <-> stuttgart, we can handle stuttgart <-> pennsylvania.

[Note to self]
built better sentences without a thousand brackets everywhere
[Note end]